The group of activists, led by USC Forward, is a collection of neighborhood residents, students, faculty and staff. They arranged a series of tents in front of Tommy Trojan today, with signs that read "School of Injustice," and "USC For All."

Shany Ebadi, a senior at USC studying political science, has been participating in the protest since Monday. She said the university has not yet provided them a satisfactory response.

"They released another statement saying that these changes that we had requested were already underway. Well, where were we in that part?"

The group is demanding more full-tuition scholarships for low-income students and additional affordable housing for residents displaced by gentrification. Protestors have expressed concerns about what they say is the university's role in displacing low-income residents by continuing to expand outward, with developments like the $700 million Village.

"The neighborhoods that have been here for years, for decades, the families that live there and have nowhere else to go are being evicted," Abadi said. "They are being threatened and priced out of their homes due to these luxury developments."

Pastor Cue Jnmarie joined the protest as a representative of the Church Without Walls in Skid Row. He says that minority groups are most adversely affected by the gentrification, as well as by scandals like the recent revelations that revealed wealthy parents had paid large sums to get their children admitted to top schools, including USC.

"USC does not even reflect the demographics of the community so we have a lot of issues with [the university] and we want them rectified," he said.