Isabel Escalante, moved from Venezuela to the United States when she was 16 years old to study music.

Each time Escalante visited Venezuela, she noticed the country was changing.

"I remember finding the streets and the houses and all the services like deteriorating. I remember going to the atm's and them not having any cash to give," Escalante said.

Escalante met her boyfriend Alex Garcia at the youth orchestra of Los Angeles. They found in music, a way to help Venezuela. Through concerts featuring Latin music, they invite the community to donate money, non-perishable food, medicines, vitamins, clothing and supplies.

"We are both musicians. So, we just figured that we would do what we do best, just perform shows and people were nice to give donations," Garcia said. "I think we have a responsibility as musicians to give back because all of us got here because by somebody else's help. So, I think it's our part to give back."

They ship the donations through a charity called offer Venezuela

Venezuela was the wealthiest country in South America, now it's facing one of the worst humanitarian crises. Under President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's inflation has spiked. According to the international monetary fund, Venezuela's inflation rate could reach ten million percent by the second half of this year. Therefore, Venezuelan's struggle to purchase basic needs with a currency that is almost worthless.

"We've gotten direct feedback from people that we have helped and it's literally like we have made their Christmas. That's why we do this," Garcia said. "As horrible and as sad is the situation in Venezuela, I am confident that is not going to be permanent."

Escalante and Garcia will continue to spread hope through music to all Venezuelans that dream for a better country.