A train of demonstrators marched from Jefferson Boulevard to Bovard Auditorium Tuesday to deliver a letter to USC administrators as part of an ongoing protest over the University's accountability.

"The thousands of brilliant, hardworking and dedicated students, staff and faculty of this university have seen their work and reputations tarnished by the despicable actions of an elite few and the utter failure of leadership to address it," the letter reads.

USC Media Relations released a statement Wednesday addressing the letter on behalf of the University. The university's statement does not address the Tent City installation itself or the protests surrounding it, choosing to focus on the letter delivered to Bovard Auditorium on Tuesday.:

"The letter was received by a representative of the president's office. The University's singular focus continues to be the students, patients, and community we serve. As noted on the change.usc.edu web site, many of the ideas and suggestions made in the letter are already well underway."

Demonstrators previously erected a tent city installation Saturday on Jefferson Boulevard to bring attention to the gentrification of South LA due to USC's expansion.

The installation sits directly across from the USC Village – the largest development in USC's history which cost $700 million to build.

The change.usc.edu website includes a "change progress dashboard" where university initiatives can be monitored.