Writing is one skill I believe I have improved on throughout the course of the semester. Writing for print and writing for broadcast are completely different things, and I've definitely become more accustomed to keeping things short and concise to fit a broadcast style of writing.

I think it's essential to be able to write creatively for every story. As digital producer this week, I tried to make the copy in my show more creative and compelling by reviewing our video elements and ensuring that I was familiar with each story. Additionally, it's important to ensure that every story is written clearly and concisely so that the information is factual but also engaging. One way I did this was by  fact-checking information in the scripts. By copy editing in this way, I also was able to make the writing more conversational by simplifying information. It also helps when you are familiar with your anchors' way of speaking.

For this week's show, we produced our "Tuesday's Tea" entertainment segment and I took the lead on writing and developing a story about Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," reaching No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Originally, the copy I wrote was dense and more factual than conversational. After reviewing the video elements, I was able to simplify my copy to match what was being shown in the video and to summarize the information more concisely.

I still want to work on trying new things like puns in my copy stories. But I am proud to say that my copy is consistently factual and interesting.