When it comes to Annenberg Television News, there are a lot of moving parts, from the anchors, to the directors, the studio crew, the multimedia journalists, and the producers. Each week, we all come together in the media center to put on our nightly show. Everyone's role is different, but we all have one common goal of creating the best show that day.

Teamwork is so important because without each and every person who comes in we wouldn't be able to get our show on the air. On Mondays, I have noticed one key thing that is essential to our teamwork is good communication. This can manifest itself in a few different ways. It can be between the producers and multimedia journalists on what exactly their assignments are during the day or what angle they should be taking on a story, the producers sitting down to talk with the directors and studio crew to go over any new changes in the show, and most importantly, a constant line of communication among the producers. When everyone is communicating, there are fewer things that fall through the cracks, and overall we have a better show.

This week, our team of three producers shrunk to two because one of our teammates was out sick. I truly believe that what got us through the day was the teamwork between the two of us, as well as with our multimedia journalists. It really made me realize the importance of working together on all fronts. For example, there were many times throughout the day when the two of us would check in with each other not only to make sure that we were on the same page with our ideas for the show, but also to check to see what we could do to help one another. I think that the constant communication really brought us together and translated to our entire team to be more productive and creative. If it weren't for the hard work of every single person on team Monday, I really don't know how our show would have turned out.