While working in the media center, it is near impossible to avoid teamwork. In addition to working with my fellow producers, there are many others who help put our show on the air. Whether it's working with our fleet of multimedia journalists (MJs), our studio crew, or even the digital or radio teams, effective teamwork is crucial.

Starting with my producers, Alex and Charlotte, something we all do well is periodically meet with each other. Whenever we touch base, especially with all three of us present, it helps fill in the gaps of our show. And this allows us to answer what stories need to be written, what videos need to be edited, and what graphics need to be worked on.
As for working with the multimedia journalists and studio crew, teamwork is not as straightforward. Unfortunately, because there are so many, it’s much harder to have periodic group meetings. Instead, it’s important that we producers periodically check on the MJs, and it’s important that the MJs come to us for guidance or for another assignment.
That said, Alex, Charlotte, and I must all act as leaders in order to keep things running smoothly, and this must continue in the control room. The directors are in charge of making sure the live stream looks clean, but it’s our job to address any problems they find. We have to work together to either fix them ourselves, find an MJ who will fix it, or find the art director if a graphic is the issue.
Aside from working with those who are strictly associated with our show, we sometimes need to work with the digital and radio teams in order to tackle larger stories. All teams can borrow from one another, and it is always important to communicate effectively. This means we should share information when it’s collected and we should meet with those covering the same stories.
Ultimately, we can’t avoid teamwork in this space, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we do it effectively.