The Media Center embodies teamwork. The newsroom wouldn't function without a dedicated group of students, faculty, and staff working together to produce the news. I add value to this team through my communication and organization skills. Every producer role I'm serving, whether it's lead, video, or graphics, requires me to communicate heavily with the other producers and constantly check in with them to get updates and make sure everything's going smoothly. I find I'm most successful with this as the video producer, when I spend most of the day in the edit bay working with multimedia journalists (MJs) and reporters to put together videos, sound, and packages for the show. While it would be easiest to stay tucked away in the edit bay with sound-cancelling earphones, I like to get up, stretch my legs, and update the lead producer every hour or so on what I have and what videos I'm about to finish and send to the server.

When I’m the lead or graphics producer, I believe my talent is staying organized and keeping a list of everything that still needs to be completed. As the lead producer, it’s my job to know what everyone has to work with and what we’re still missing, so I keep track of that in a list and check items off as the other two producers update me. As graphics producer, I do something similar: I check off each graphic when it’s completed and uploaded into iNews. Staying organized keeps me calm and makes me a better leader because I can communicate more effectively with the other producers, reporters, and MJs. Here’s an example: When Colin Taylor is the video producer, and I’m the lead producer, he checks in with me to see what videos are coming in and the most important thing I need him to do at the moment. The process always goes smoothly because I have an organized list to refer to. Staying organized makes me a better leader because I can communicate what I need quickly and effectively.

I wrote about how producing gave me a voice earlier in the semester, and that still rings true. Colin, Alex Bell, and I have all become better leaders throughout our time as producers for “See It Live.” We speak up, we give detailed instructions to MJs and anchors, and we discuss the show with our studio crew in the control room, all with smiles on our faces. Even when I’m stressed on Thursdays, I still feel a sense of pride in our show, and that excitement makes me want to continue improving my leadership skills every week. My next goal: to continue experimenting with creative shots so that everyone can experience something new and exciting next week.