The avocado brand Henry Avocados voluntarily recalled their avocados from store shelves on Tuesday after the company found a possible contamination.

Henry Avocados, based in San Diego, distribute their product in bulk throughout California and other states across the United States. The company recalled their avocados after samples from  a routine inspection of its packing plant tested positive for listeria.

Listeria is an illness that induces symptoms relating to the common flu and can cause other symptoms like fever, nausea, and diarrhea according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

USC Professor Roger Clemens, an expert on food safety, told Annenberg Media  the contamination occurred in the warehouse, and the company will now have to go through extensive sanitation measures. Clemens noted that  contamination can also happen during harvesting or during transportation.

Despite the recall, Some students do not seem to be worried. "Honestly I was a little indifferent about it," USC sophomore Sam Wu said in an interview with  Annenberg Media. "I was just notified that stores around USC don't carry that type of avocado, so I feel it doesn't affect me too much."

Others were a bit more concerned. USC Junior Callia Yan told Annenberg Media she first heard about the possible contamination from a family group chat.  When asked if she would eat avocado toast in light of the voluntary recall, she said , "Probably not. Not until it was safe to eat it again. I like it but I'm not a lover, so I'm willing to postpone it."

The company said consumers should check their avocados for a "Bravocado" sticker. Thus far, there have been no reported illnesses associated with the avocados, according to CBS.