Bringing more creativity to shows and making them more cross platform is one skill I am working on. By taking traditional news shows and making them more cross-platform friendly could also allow stories to reach more viewers. A lot of people are turning to their phones for the news, and right now I feel like we have a chance to develop broadcast news even more for digital. Many young people stream shows, movies, and TV, so why not stream news? I would like to take traditional broadcast shows and develop them more for digital platforms like Facebook and IGTV.

Techniques such as changing up writing styles so anchors sound more conversational and less scripted is one way to attract viewers. My goal is to get anchors up from the desk and more interactive in the newsroom so shows can become more interactive with audiences. People want to trust the person they are getting their news from, but I think people want to relate to them, too. With social media we are able to get to know the people who are telling us the news. That means we have to adapt the way we write and style OUR anchors and reporters.

By having more diversity we can bring different people who are real and relatable. Creativity doesn't just mean changing up show graphics and colors but also the people we put on our screens. One thing I hope to improve upon while being a producer is pushing myself to discover new ways to tell stories, and bring more body, gender, and race diversity to our audience, too.

Having a more creative thought progress as a producer, I believe will help serve me in the professional world. Creating new experiences and styles of how to tell the news is something broadcasting companies are continuously building on to be competitive in their markets and create content that keeps audiences engaged. Creativity can help me  professionally because it would make me a competitive candidate by adding to my skill set, adaptive in my environments and consistently able to bring fresh ideas.