It always seems like there are a million and one things that need to get done before our show goes live each night. In the chaos of it all, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on anything other than just getting our show together and on the air. The old saying goes, make air not art, but why do we have to choose one? Why can't we make air and art?

It all boils down to creativity and thinking of new ways to tell the news. As a producer at Annenberg TV News, this is something that I strive to work on each day I come into the media center because not only will it make our show better, but it is also an incredible skill to have in your toolbox as a journalist. Some examples of stepping outside the box when it comes to formatting our newscast are building out stories in different ways, trying out new segments, incorporating the monitor in the studio or video wall to enhance a story, moving the anchors around the studio, trying out new or custom graphics, and the list goes on.

While it is good to be ambitious, it is equally as important to understand everything that goes into carrying out your vision as a producer. In order to be successful when it comes to trying new things on the show, the essential thing is good communication. This includes communicating with the video and digital/graphics producer, the multimedia journalists who are working on each story, and most importantly, the directors. Especially if we are trying a new graphic or a new camera shot, it is vital we talk it over with the directors so that the show can run smoothly.

This week, I think that we were ambitious and tried some new things, but I feel as if we had some difficulties with communication, so our final product was not as promising as we would have hoped. This is just a prime example of how communication can really make or break a show. With this in mind, our group on Monday, in the post-mortem meeting, was able to identify areas where we went wrong and things we could have tweaked, and I am confident that as a team we will continue to create new and engaging shows moving forward in the semester.