24-year old William Brown from Fort Worth, Texas, died on Jan. 29 after a malfunctioning e-cigarette exploded and cut through his left carotid artery.

His death marks the second in the U.S. from e-cigarette malfunction but students and DPS believe that e-cigarettes malfunctions are a low risk to the USC community.

According to Cinema and Media Studies major Christian Palmer, who used e-cigarettes in the past, the possibility of a malfunctioning device wasn't something that worried him.

"I think just a bit of maintenance on them, making sure they're always working properly and everything like that [is important to me]," Palmer said. "But in terms of not using them again, no, I don't think [I'd stop using them]."

From his perspective, smoking is not rare among USC student and this new explosion case isn't something that he thinks will deter him from using them in the future.

USC Chief of Public Safety David Carlisle said there is currently no need for policy to protect students from malfunctions because few people smoke on campus. While USC has a no-smoking policy, according to Carlisle, DPS does not usually cite students for using electronic smoking devices on campus.

"Our focus is to educate, not punish," Carlisle said.

As of yet, there have not been any USC reports to DPS about e-cigarette related health incidents.

Elizabeth Winters contributed to this report.