In Malibu's Paradise Cove, some residents have stayed behind.

“We all helped each other and if we weren’t here putting out the spot fires, our places would be gone and this is everything we have,” said resident Gretchen Becker.

The community of mobile homes overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Those who remain are defying mandatory evacuation orders as the Woolsey Fire rages nearby. The fire has already left its mark on several neighborhoods near Paradise Cove, leaving some streets unrecognizable.

“Its apocalyptic,” said Paradise Cove resident Ted Silverberg. “I mean its the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen.”

Cece Woods, the founder of a local Malibu news outlet, has evacuated. Yet she returns each day to act as the eyes and ears of those who had to leave.

“We are going street to street checking on damage, checking on people, making sure everybody’s okay,” she said.

When Woods sees smoke flaring up, she's quick to make it known to authorities. She isn't always happy with their response.

“We are seeing trucks that are sitting stationary while fires are going on around us,” she said. “We are reporting structures that have spot fires that are endangering homes, they’re not being put out.”

Tom Schafer, a public information officer on the fire, said authorities are doing their best. He said the numbers should speak for themselves. More than 3,200 personnel have been deployed to assist in the efforts.

Authorities are urging residents to comply with evacuation orders as high winds spark fears of spot fires.

Yet some residents who remain say they feel they have to stay.

“You stay put where you are and you do what you can to help the other people,” said Silverberg.