Let's first start by saying this past Tuesday, November 6, 2018, was not your average Tuesday. Rather, it marked another one of those historic moments in America's history… the midterm election.
Basically, the midterms take place every two years in between presidential elections in the United States.

It's time for people to choose who they want to see represent them in local government as well as in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. It is a moment that  allows for a change of faces and a change  for some people from hopelessness to power.
As a producer for a student run television newscast, it is important to remind myself – who is the audience that's watching? When it comes to politics, we want USC students to see how important their voices are. It is important to build the show with informative packages explaining what propositions are on the ballot and who the different political candidates are.
For Wednesday's show, we decided to focus on election results. Maddie, my co-producer, Nathan, the executive producer, and I had the opportunity to work late the night before on the media center's election show.  The following morning we believed it necessary to ask ourselves, what now?

Months, weeks, days, and hours before November 6th, students were bombarded with messages that their voices matter. We wanted to tell our audience what happened to their vote… their voice.

I came into the newsroom Wednesday morning determined to help build a show that would give a basic rundown of the midterm election results.

Our goal was to explain the who: who is in office? The what: what propositions were passed? And lastly, what's next? Where can we the people move forward from the choices we have made as a country?