This week's Monday newscast was special because it was the day before the midterm elections.

As part of a student news organization, I would say the most important content we included in our show was a heads-up on Annenberg's live coverage of the midterm elections the next day. Our lead producer, Nick, and executive producer, Courtney, suggested that we create a full-screen graphic to inform the USC community that Annenberg Media would have extended live coverage of the midterm elections.  As Monday's video and graphics producer, I coordinated with the art director to create a graphic that showed key details of the live coverage, including that it would be live on Annenberg's Facebook page from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday and would feature reactions from candidate watch parties.

Monday's pre-election newscast was mostly focused on how final efforts were being made to increase voter turnout. Surprisingly, during the morning pitch meeting, many of the story pitches were not related to the elections at all.  Instead, story ideas included the creation of brown ballet shoes and a discussion of sustainability on campus. Nevertheless, Nick dedicated a big chunk at the top of our show to the elections.

Our reporters found several interesting angles such as free metro and discounted Uber and Lyft rides to the polls on election day, the effectiveness of text campaigns, and high school students learning how to serve as poll workers. Our political anchor also talked about how celebrities encouraged more people to vote via social media and even in person.

Although our show did not elaborate on the progress of the elections, I think that our stories were extremely essential because they informed our audience about last-minute efforts to increase voter participation. We also showed how the L.A. community is extremely engaged in and supportive of the midterm elections.