Homeland Security officers arrested a student on Friday at the USC Village FedEx offices for receiving a package containing 10 fake IDs, according to Tuesday's USC Department of Public Safety logs.

The USC student was caught in a larger operation aimed at cracking down on a flow of fake IDs from major sources across state lines.

The arrest is connected "to a much larger investigation involving other individuals outside of the state," according to DPS Chief John Thomas.

"This is not our investigation," Thomas said. "Homeland Security was not obligated to report the arrest to us. But they provided a courtesy notification because it involved a student on university grounds."

FedEx would not comment on the details of the incident. There have been no official statements as to what disciplinary action the student may face and how this will impact his or her academic standing.

Thomas said in his 12 years at DPS, there have only been about two prior incidents in which students received mail flagged by other law enforcement agencies. DPS is not involved here, and usually isn't involved these cases.

It is illegal to open another person's mail. Suspicious mail is only marked for further inspection, said Shannon Carter, Director of USC Mailing & Material Management Services.

"It is not in our policy to open anyone's mail on campus," Carter said. "All parcels that look suspicious are reported to the US Postal Service, and they conduct all inspections."

Additionally, Carter advises that students should inform their family not to send money, gift cards, etc. through the mail because they are most vulnerable to be taken or tampered with.

Originally, our story said the student was arrested on Tuesday. The incident happened on Friday, Oct. 5 and was reported in the DPS logs on Tuesday, Oct. 9.