Walking through the crowd of students decked in suit and tie, prospective hires stand in lengthy lines, studying their resumes and chatting nervously. Sometimes, prospects wait hours to get a five-minute conversation with a company recruiter.

USC hosted its first Career Fair of the year on Wednesday and Thursday from 10-2 p.m. on Trousdale. Companies like Target, Revolve, and Chick-Fil-A all are there to offer valuable information about potential internships and jobs.

Troy Krukowski, a physics and computer science major, spoke about his experiences at the event.

"I've gotten a couple of interviews but have never actually gotten a job from the Career Fair," he said. "Still though, the interviews are something I consider as successes."

Biomedical engineering major Sydney Mayer is excited about the opportunities presented at the Career Fair.

"I've only talked to one company so far, but already I have an interview lined up with them tomorrow," Mayer said.

While students come for job opportunities, employers are looking for quality candidates.

Representative Casey McCormick of McCormick Compliance Consulting says he's especially looking for "go-getters" and "people with can-do attitudes who are willing to learn." His company is trying to build an internship program that leads to long-term hires.

The USC Career Fair not only provides internship and job opportunities but also the option to travel with companies like Gotoco, a national nonprofit that arranges cultural exchanges for college students. Each year, the team sends university students to China for cultural immersion and professional development. Gotoco representative Lauren Hellum is seeking, candidates who are willing to learn.

"Gotoco is looking for people who are creative and are looking to have more integration between cultures within the business world, as we try to get Westerners to work in China to see how Eastern businesses operate."

The Career Center hosts one event a semester. The next Career Fair will be held in the spring.