This week I produced my last episode of 'See It Live.' I was extremely proud of the 16-minute show  that was heavier than usual and packed with strong content that told the full story of this topic. As the lead producer, I could not have ended on a higher note than this week's show. I think we explored and developed many angles of an idea that, at the beginning of the day, seemed dry to many, including myself. This was the first time I've felt like a true lead producer in the media center. Throughout the entire day, I knew what was going on in every single aspect of the show and in every line of my rundown. I thought really hard about the structure of the rundown when creating it. For the first time all semester, during my afternoon meeting with our faculty advisor, Stacy,  I was not nervous. We didn't change the order of the show except for one story, and I knew I was relaying to her a complete picture of what was going to be in our show. I was not shy about sharing my ideas and was confident in my decisions.

One element of the show that I thought was the star of our coverage was Trevor's package on independent bookstores. He went to "The Last Bookstore" in downtown Los Angeles where he shot great video and got really great sound from both an employee and a customer. But still, he was not satisfied. He visited several other bookstores, even traveling to Pasadena where he got another great part of his story on bookstores expanding their offerings to such things as coffee and even alcohol. His piece added a much needed look at the realities of the book industry today. I cannot take any credit for his package. Trevor is such a talented reporter and works independently. Like many of our Tuesday reporters, he never has me worried about his final product and whether it will be ready for air at 6 p.m.  Trevor was also excellent at communicating with the executive producer and me regarding updates and his progress out in the field. He always writes his scripts in the Uber on his way back and always offers to help with anything show-related once he's done with his segment. Trevor makes our lives so much easier in the media center, and this week he enhanced our 'See It Live' show.