The most memorable part of our Monday newscast this week, in my opinion, was the story about Los Angeles becoming too expensive for young people to live.

Of all of the stories in the rundown, it had the most relevance to our student audience, because it's something that's on everyone's mind if they are considering staying in Los Angeles after graduation. It was also primarily done by two of our multimedia journalists, Jess and Danielle, and I was impressed with what they delivered.

It was a cohesive and well-rounded story because it had all of the elements it needed to deliver; it was an objective representation of what was revealed in the survey results. We scored an interview with Zev Yaroslavsky, the creator of this survey, which asked young people about the quality of life in L.A. as well as their ability to afford housing options. This was put into a story that included sound, video, and a graphic.

After Yaroslavsky's sound explaining the survey and its results, the voice over script smoothly transitioned viewers into sound from students who talked about why they were or were not planning to stay in Los Angeles.

Before all of this sound and video and right after the introduction, we had a graphic that laid out the results of the survey. It read, "Declining Satisfaction: quality of life, daily commute, cost of living." Without this full screen graphic, the audience would probably not have understood what the survey creator was saying or the students reacting to it.

I think my fellow producers would agree that this was a solid story that stood out. Not because it's the most dire or important, but because it's a good representation of the relay of work that happens when multiple MJs work on stories during the day. This story started off with Jess building the full screen graphic and talking to Yaroslavsky on the phone, and then Danielle jumping in to help with student interviews.