Out of all the ATVN newscasts I've worked on this semester, the Tuesday newscast this week was my favorite. It was my last week as lead producer, and every anchor, reporter, multimedia journalist (MJ), and studio crew member went the extra mile. The Tuesday show really showcased the hard work each member of our team put in.

If I had to pick the best part of the show, it would be our breaking news coverage on the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush.  Around 5 p.m. I was about to head into the control room when the news broke.  My lead story was already set and the show was heavy, but I knew that this news was very important to cover and needed to be our lead. I started building out the story when our executive producer, John Marcus, had the idea to have our political anchor, Nayanika Kapoor, do the breaking story instead of a live shot we had planned. We went with the idea, and I got rid of the live shot, which gave us more time to cover Bush's passing.

It took a lot of teamwork to develop the story in such little time. I worked in the control room to write a new welcome at the top of the show and to get rid of stories to make more time for the breaking news. At the same time, John quickly made a graphic for the story, MJs and the video producer, Laura Bouzari, cut video of the former first lady, and Nayanika wrote the script. The story could not have been done without everyone putting in the extra effort.

I was very happy with the end result. Others may not agree that the breaking news story was the best part of the newscast,  but for me it was because of the teamwork that we all put into it.