The strongest part of this Tuesday's newscast came at the end of the day. Less than an hour before air, the push alerts started flooding in that former first lady Barbara Bush passed away.

As a producer, your stomach naturally drops as you know the show will change. But that's the most exciting thing about producing.

That fear lasts for only a split second; it is almost like a power switch turns on in your mind and you just get to work. I am really proud of how my fellow producers and multimedia journalists (MJs) stepped up and switched gears to cover the breaking news. It was almost instinctual. Though our coverage of her passing was not as fleshed out as it could have been, I really am proud that everyone on the ATVN staff came together and helped one another cover the breaking news and also help finish up other pieces in the show that needed to be done.

As the video producer, I had to make sure that the videos, scripts, and graphics were completed and accurate. I saw air time rapidly coming closer, and I'm so happy that our MJs came to the rescue and took it upon themselves to go through the show and fill in missing outcues and run times. They all understood that the top of the show was going to change dramatically, and they jumped in to help our political anchor write and edit video.

I think that this week's Tuesday show was the smoothest and cleanest of the semester, and the credit is due to everyone who worked on it.  It was wonderful to see us all working in sync with the common goal of covering the breaking story; sure, it was overwhelming at times but Team Tuesday as a whole worked together beautifully and we got the job done. The key to us getting through the breaking news was communication—clear and loud.