I'm extremely proud of our team's coverage of the 'Wrong Waze' story we did in Wednesday's newscast. In short, the story was that a Los Angeles city councilman suggested legal action against the directions app Waze because the app frequently directs drivers to side streets to avoid traffic, which, in turn, can cause extreme traffic in residential areas.

A story like that is an interesting one and one that could be covered with a simple voice over. Instead, we made the story come to life. Our coverage started with our anchor, Claudia Buccio, at the monitor to give a synopsis of the story but then use the actual Waze app on a cell phone to show live traffic. This was an amazingly innovative element and one executed well by Claudia to illustrate the current traffic.

Claudia then tossed to our live reporter Dongyao Nie to do her first-ever live shot. Dongyao did an amazing job for her first live shot and successfully referenced the steep hill behind her in the residential area that was causing much of the traffic.

We covered the story with video, sound, live elements in the field as well as a live look at traffic through an app. That is how news is supposed to be covered, and I am very proud of the team for successfully executing everything we had planned.