Rockwell Table and Stage's "Unauthorized Musical Parody of Jurassic Park" is a wild ride through the classic Jurassic Park, but with a lot more pop culture references and jokes than one would ever expect. A T-Rex belting to Evanescence, the Ezekiel 25:17 segment from "Pulp Fiction," and multiple music and dance numbers find their way into the production, and the audience is there for every minute of it.

Rockwell Table and Stage is nestled within a larger restaurant and bar in Los Feliz. Upon entering, the venue seems like a pretty normal bar, but soon every corner is transformed into Jurassic Park through the power of the imagination of both the actors and audience.

The performances from all of the actors involved are fantastic. The vocal power and presence of the actors fills every crevice of the space. The show also does an excellent job of making the experience completely immersive. Audience members are brought on stage and thrust into the action in many comical ways that keep everyone on their toes.

The larger than life characterization of the characters in the show really keep the performance alive. Spencer Smith is a hysterical Jeff Goldblum (and also advertises the real Jeff Goldblum show at Rockwell Table and Stage throughout the production). Rhett George brings parts of Samuel L. Jackson into his character by referencing Jackson's many iconic speeches (none of which are actually from "Jurassic Park") but also brings his own energy and flair as well.

Kate Pazakis, who stars as the show-stealing T-Rex, wrote the show and creates a script that is so fast paced and funny that, despite its cacophony of genres, still feels like a cohesive show. Her writing is witty and sharp and the wonderful execution of the acting from the actors keeps the show fresh and fast.

Be warned that many jokes in the show rely on the humor of pop culture references and on aspects of the original movie. But even for an audience member less familiar with "Jurassic Park," there are plenty of bits and jokes for everyone to still have a great time. The show is great, campy fun, and brings a modern energy to the older classic movie.

"The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Jurassic Park" performs every Thursday-Sunday through April 28th. Tickets start at $34 and a minimum of two drink or food purchases per guest is required. Ticket information can be found at