Get your tissues ready people, This Is Us just had its season finale and we will have to wait an entire summer until it premieres again in the fall. Below are 10 reasons why I am not ready for the hiatus of the season.

*Alert, spoilers ahead!*

  1. I need to see more of Jack and Rebecca being cute and romantic together

Hollywood Life

"You are the love of my life, and our kids are our everything," -Rebecca Pearson

There are so many moments when their love shines through: when Jack went to his father for money, when Rebecca inadvertently stopped Jack from stealing, when they both met each other on the night they had two different blind dates. Rebecca and Jack had been through so much together, and they were great parents to the Big Three. The season finale broke hearts across America when we saw an older Jack and Rebecca renewing their vows at their 40th wedding anniversary (which was a recurring dream of Kate's), knowing that because of Jack's death, it will never actually happen. Even though their love was cut short, that didn't make it any less passionate. Theirs was a love that only comes once in a lifetime. I'm not bawling, you are!

2. I have to see how Rebecca and the teenage Big Three deal with Jack's death moving forward

"When you lose someone suddenly and unexpectedly, it hurts differently." -Randall Pearson

The Super Bowl episode was both heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Seeing Jack survive the fire and save everyone in the house, only to die at the hospital from COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE effects of smoke inhalation. Rebecca, and the Big Three had Jack ripped away from them, with no warning. Kate will need to deal with her feelings of guilt, Kevin will need to deal with his self-blame for not being there, Randall will need to deal with the feeling of a loss of control over life events, and Rebecca will need to deal with the loss of the love of her life and the fear of being without him. They will have to be strong and stick together to get through this; like Jack said, he wants his "family to be OK".

3. I'll miss Randall's corny dad jokes

"Why did the iPad go to the dentist? It had bluetooth!" -Randall Pearson

Randall is an amazing father (of course he is, he learned from the best), and his corniness and dad jokes are nothing less than what I would expect from him. Randall's humor is a bright spot for anyone, even making foster daughter Deja crack a smile every now and then. No matter how corny his jokes are, his intent is to make people laugh which makes sense because that is just the type of person Randall is. He loves to make people feel better, and his attempts at humor are to make others feel happy. I can't wait to see what dad jokes Randall has stored for season 3!

4. Kate and Toby just got married!


"The one thing I cannot live without is you." -Toby

This "KaToby" wedding has been inevitable ever since they both met in their weight loss group. The way Toby supported her goals and is always there for her, and the way Kate made Toby believe in love again after his divorce just shows how much they need each other. In the finale, we see a flashback of kid Kate asking her dad if she can marry him, and Jack says she will marry someone better. I don't know if Toby rivals Jack, but I do know that Toby is the only person that got Kate to finally spread her dad's ashes and let go of a part of him so she would have more emotional space for their relationship. The flashforward of their relationship looked dark as we see Toby lying in bed, seemingly depressed, while Kate talks to him about the doctor changing his meds, but knowing these two, they can get through it just like they got through his heart attack and their brief split. They are tough people and can handle anything that comes their way.

5. More time jumps forward! #GrownUpTess


Ever since that first plot twist flash forward in the Super Bowl episode, when the social worker we see helping the little boy in foster care is revealed to be grown-up Tess in the future, I have been waiting for more peeks into the future. In the season finale, we get another glimpse into the future when Randall tells Tess that it is time to visit "her" and Tess replies that she is not ready. This kicks off another This Is Us mystery about who "her" could be: Deja, Beth, Annie, or someone we have not met yet? We also see future scenes of Kate talking to a depressed Toby about changing his medication, and Kevin in a relationship with Beth's cousin Zoe on a plane to Vietnam while holding his dad's picture from the war. How will season 3 lead up to these moments, and what exciting new things will we find out about everyone? I NEED TO KNOW!!

6. Kevin just got his new movie role, and he kept himself from drinking


After his stint in rehab, and rehashing of childhood memories in a very intense family therapy session (barring Beth, Toby, and Miguel), Kevin was looking a little worse for wear. However he proved his commitment to getting better when he was in Vegas for Toby's bachelor party and did not drink at all, even when he thought he lost his movie role. And to top it off, it turns out he didn't lose the role, he gained a bigger one as the movie will now be centered on him.Things are looking up for Kevin and his future is looking bright.

7. Randall and Beth are such strong #MarriageGoals !


"We are perfect together, we are perfectly imperfect." – Randall Pearson

Randall and Beth are PERFECT together! They complement each other so well, and know how to alternate being "the head" and "the heart". They know just the right way to make each other feel better. From the time they met in college when they were 19 years old, they have been relationship goals, and their marriage has only strengthened that. Their perfect marriage led to a perfect family (with daughters Tess and Annie) and they even started fostering (including foster daughter Deja into the family). No matter where they go, or what happens in their lives, they've got each other and they can make it through anything.

8. We are still learning more about Jack's brother


"Don't worry, Nicky, I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere." -Jack Pearson

Jack told Randall about his brother Nicky after they went on their college visit to Howard. We know Nicky fought in Vietnam with Jack, and we know that he died, but we don't know much else. Jack is pretty mum when it comes to the subject of his brother, but it seems Kevin may figure out more about him based off the flashforward in the finale. Does Kevin find out more info about his Uncle Nicky? Do Kevin, Kate, and Randall have a cousin he doesn't know about ? WE NEED ANSWERS!!

9. What will be the long term effect to Deja's mom leaving her with the Pearsons?                                                   

When she first came to the Pearsons, Deja had her guard up. But eventually, she fell in love with the Pearson family, and really started to trust Randall and Beth. However, once her mom officially terminated her parental rights and left her with the Pearsons after seeing how beneficial they were for her, Deja was angry again and once again lashed out. In the finale we see Deja bashing the front window of Randall's car with a baseball bat. What will happen with her in the next season? Will she continue on this road she is on, or will she turn her behavior around?

10. How will I spend an entire summer without seeing the Pearsons every week?!?!?!

Seeing the Pearsons every week and the life events they go through, and the way they are always there for each other is very heartwarming (and cry inducing), and I can't wait to see what is next for them. I do NOT want to wait until fall to see the Pearsons grace my tv screen again. I guess I'll just have to make do with reruns and mark my calendar for when the premiere date is released!