The curtains come up on a paper-props-and-plastic-crowns production of a Shakespeare-esque show. Singer-songwriter—and USC Thornton senior—Jack DeMeo takes center stage, and begins his confession in the music video for his new single, "Most Honest Liar." This video, directed by Ryan Wagner (USC SCA '17), was brought to life by a predominantly USC cast and crew, and is DeMeo's first music video.

Although this is his first official single release, this is far from being DeMeo's first song. He says he began writing songs as early as third grade, when he and two buddies wrote their first song, "'Hawaiian' (…) about a surfing contest."

Here at USC, DeMeo is a part of the Thornton Pop Music program, which trains students to be working, musical professionals.

DeMeo shares a bit about his songwriting process and the creation of "Most Honest Liar."

What inspired you to write this song?

I just found this melody that was really satisfying to sing, and then the words and the rhythm of them came pretty quickly. I had the general idea I was going for, and the story just kind of laid itself out.

What is your songwriting process like?

I get an idea about a song or a phrase or little melodic/rhythmic fragment when I'm walking somewhere, or driving or working. Or sometimes I'm really deliberate about it, and try to meditate a song out of whatever space I'm in.

How did you go about recording this song?

I'm fortunate to have some very talented friends. USC grad Madison Scheckel produced this song at a studio she works out of—she's also an awesome writer/artist who goes by Wolfy. My friends Brian Jones and Scott Heiner (who also both went to USC) played bass and drums, respectively.

What is a "Most Honest Liar?"

Find out in the 2nd verse 😉

What are you hoping people will take away from this song?

I hope people will listen to it loud in the car. And that they like it.

Catch the video for "Most Honest Liar" here.