On February 6, presidential and vice-presidential candidates Mai Mizuno and Brianna Bozek debated opponents Debbie Lee and Blake Ackerman. Annenberg Media journalist Eytan Wallace moderated the event.

1. What does diversity mean to each ticket?
Both tickets said that diversity in USG is an issue and has room for improvement. Mizuno suggested changes in the hiring process and diversity training to ensure that student government is representative of the student body. Lee and Ackerman said that listening would be their route to work toward a more diverse campus.
2. How do they plan to address changes to the Norman Topping Fund?
Mizuno and Bozek want to make sure the fund remains in student control. Mizuno said students should be the main counsel of the fund to give recipients an enriched college experience. Lee said she wants the voices of students to be heard at the university level so that actions can be made.
3. How will each ticket handle immigration policies that have affected USC?
Both tickets said that USG remains non-partisan and does not take a stance in politics, but both agreed to offer their utmost support to empower all students. Mizuno said that she hopes to offer resources to all undocumented students on campus.  
4. How does each ticket plan to implement a commuter student lounge on campus?
Lee said that while there has been no progress on the lounge, she suggested helping commuters in other ways, such as offering more parking options and support for inclusion. Mizuno proposed a new building to cater to the needs for commuters and other students who need more space on campus.
5. What are their plans for the inclusion of transfer students on campus?
Both tickets said changes could start immediately in areas such as transfer student orientation. Lee and Ackerman suggested creating a transfer resource center so that students would have a place to go for extra support.
What’s next?

Online voting will take place from February 13-16. Winners will be announced on February 20 at 7 p.m.

In this story Eytan Wallace's name was initially spelled incorrectly. A correction was made on February 8.