The USG Elections Commission announced on Tuesday that it has cleared the Mai Mizuno & Brianna Bozek presidential ticket of accusations of misconduct after hearing allegations in a Monday night closed-door meeting.

The Mai & Brianna ticket is one of two competing for the presidency of the 2018 Undergraduate Student Government. The alleged misconduct was brought into focus by the competing ticket, the Debbie Lee & Blake Ackerman campaign, according to an Annenberg Media reporter who spoke with Lee.

The Mai & Brianna ticket was accused of violating the Election Code's policies by doing unspecified work for the ticket prior to official campaign announcements on Jan. 25, 2018.

The Elections Commission said in a statement: "The petitioners could not prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the respondents had violated Elections Code…Therefore, the Mai & Brianna ticket bears no accountability for the evidence presented during this hearing."

In last year’s USG presidential elections, a similar issue was brought to light. Current USG President Austin Dunn and Vice President Morgan Monahan were sanctioned last year for beginning their social media campaign before the allowed start. In an email to Annenberg Media, Dunn stated his belief in the system’s effectiveness.

“Every election is different so there is no norm created based on election infractions. Instead, the norm is the consistency in rules and regulations upheld from one year to the next regardless of election circumstances.” Dunn wrote.

Voting in the 2018 USG elections will begin on Feb. 13 and close on Feb. 16.

Earlier versions of this story stated that the USG elections will begin on Feb. 6 and close on Feb. 16.  The elections begins on February 13 and close on February 16.