When producing a newscast, you always want to think about stories that will be relatable to the audience. At ATVN, I think we do a fair job of putting stories that are USC related, as well as related to the community around us in South LA.

In the spring of 2017, I was a multimedia journalist on the USC community desk, therefore I was not heavily involved in the newscast. In March, there was a hit-and-run and grand theft car chase on 29th Street and Orchard Ave. Unfortunately for me, I just so happened to be walking on 29th and Orchard, when the stolen vehicle crashed into the building I was going into just about four feet in front of me.

As a student at USC and a witness to a crime, it was in my curious nature to find out all of the details about what had happened; law enforcement could not immediately release information. That evening, I turned to Annenberg TV News for the story, and they had the details about the collision. It brought me relief to know that our newscast included the incident, even though local newscasts did not.

In terms of getting more young people to watch TV news, more marketing techniques should be put on mobile outlets where young people usually get their news.

In the future, young producers should always want to cater to their audience. Though including national stories is important, people seeking national news can go to national news shows. Local news producers need to remember who their audience is: local residents. When there was a false report of an active shooter at USC, students turned to Annenberg Media for information. Serving the locals should always be the first priority.