Sometimes, it can be difficult to look at a day's show and decide on the best story. This week our most important story for the day was the arrival of the UCLA basketball players from China.

As graphics producer, I don't think I would have had much of a say in the development of the story if it weren't sports related. I had been following the story since the players were detained in China, so I had a strong foundation of knowledge about the story. About a week ago, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, three UCLA freshmen, were arrested for shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton while their team was visiting Hangzhou for a game against Georgia Tech. After being detained and told to remain in their hotel, they were finally released and headed back to the U.S.

Early on in the morning, when it first broke that they were coming home, I had joked that we should do a live shot from LAX, and low and behold, it ended up being the top story of the day and the timing worked out well for all of us producers to send a team to LAX for the live shot.

I think that our audience and my peers would agree with this story being the most important one of our broadcast. For one thing, UCLA being our rival, anything and everything that reveals a flaw or wrongdoing is inherently interesting to the majority of USC students. Also, with new information coming out almost every day this week, it was more often than not one of the bigger stories of the day.

It's also a story that everyone has an opinion on. Whether someone likes or dislikes UCLA, is a college basketball fan, or has an interest in traveling abroad, there is some aspect of the story that's interesting.

In the execution of the story itself, I would say that multiple people deserve credit for the story's success. Our executive producer deserves credit for helping keep us all organized. The three producers deserve credit for coordinating and organizing everything. Our live shot reporter and TVU operator deserve credit for heading out to the airport and setting everything up. And, the multimedia journalists (MJs) who worked on the information for the story deserve credit as well. With such a complex story, in that, it had multiple parts, it took a number of people to coordinate everything as opposed to some other stories that are more straightforward and can be completed with only a couple of people working on it.