After a rocky start to our live shot last week, I'm happy to say that I think our live shot this week was the best part of the show. Our reporter, Drew, was live at LAX as the three UCLA basketball players arrived back in the United States after being arrested for shoplifting in China.

As video producer, I coordinated all of the video for the segment, including the sound bites from UCLA students and the tease video of the players. But my part was just a small one in putting together an amazing segment. So many people worked hard and put in the effort to make this section of the show happen. The lead producer formatted the live shot; the graphics producer made the full screen graphics that appeared during the segment (including a statement from UCLA); and the executive producer helped coordinate the logistics of the live shot. One of our multimedia journalists did a great job going to UCLA's campus to find students to talk to and editing his video back at Annenberg. Our anchor Brittany helped write and edit the UCLA players story that came immediately after Drew's live shot and contextualized the story. The studio crew also contributed to the success of this story by being ready for the live shot and making sure that we ran through the segment so it went smoothly. Without this team work, we could not have put together this story.

I think our audience probably enjoyed this part of the show as much as I did because it offered interesting and dynamic coverage of an event that was of national interest, while also being extremely relevant in their lives. It showcased a unique intersection of local college sports with international relations and U.S. foreign policy. I think many USC students were waiting with baited breath to see what happened to these players from their rival school who got themselves into a precarious position abroad.

This segment of the show told a story that interested a lot of people, and it would not have been possible without the hard work by so many members of our team.