Thursday night’s See It Live show was all about the Conquest pep rally happening on campus and the upcoming football game between USC and UCLA. When I left the Media Center at the end of the day, I felt everything ran pretty smoothly throughout the day. Except for a few packages, all of our video had been sent to our server by 5 p.m. and nearly all of our graphics were made before run throughs began.

While we had several great moments in the Thursday night broadcast, the best part of the show was a segment on the rivalry week traditions and some of the pranks USC alumni pulled on UCLA through the years. The story had great interviews with alumni and provided great context on how rivalry week became so ingrained in campus life.

Our reporter Drew Schwendiman covered this story for our show, but I was still able to be involved in its development. As video producer, I approved the package Drew created and helped him make some last-minute changes that helped the story’s flow as well as copy edit the introduction to his story. On air, Drew introduced the story well and it turned into a great segment for our show. I believe viewers as well as my peers would agree this segment was the best part of our show because it really stood out. We had a few small mistakes on other parts of the broadcast and this was one of the few that ran completely smoothly. The segment was easy and fun to watch and the production value was above most of the show.