Wednesday started out as a slow news day. During the first part of the day, our lead producer struggled to fill an entire show. But as these things tend to happen, that slow news day did a 180 just before our show was set to air.

Team Wednesday has dealt with quasi-breaking news before. A few weeks ago, there was breaking news around 4 p.m., giving us enough time to scrape together elements to get the story in our show. But this week, two separate stories, a car crash on the row and a collision between a Metro train and a car near campus, broke around 5:20 p.m., with our newscast airing at 6. I would consider the breaking news in our show the strongest part of our newscast this week.

In some ways, it was also the worst part of our show. There were numerous technical difficulties, miscommunication, and confusion in writing the breaking news into the show. In light of those errors, the breaking news sections undoubtedly had their flaws. That said, as a group, Team Wednesday hasn't dealt with this kind of breaking news before, and I believe the way we handled it is representative of how we've grown over the semester. Furthermore, aside from the technical difficulties that were apparent in the show, I think we did a good job of getting elements together and getting our audience the information it needed to know.

The first person who must be credited for getting the breaking news in the show is our lead producer. She handled the chaos gracefully and got the necessary work done swiftly. The reporters who ran to the scenes of the accidents also played an extremely important role, as, without them, we would have simply had a copy story with no visuals. My role in getting the news on the air was simply to pick up the slack wherever the lead producer needed help.

The viewers wouldn't necessarily agree that this was the best part of our show because, as I've mentioned, the technical issues are most obvious in these parts. It wasn't even necessarily the most interesting part. However, because of the extraordinary effort it took from everyone on our team, from a behind-the-scenes perspective, I do believe it's the most impressive component of the show, and I think my teammates would agree.