A day-of-air shift can be overwhelming at first. Sometimes the stress and anxiety of having multiple tasks can overwhelm any student who helps with our show. This includes multimedia journalists, reporters, directors, and even us producers.

As producers, our job is to lead the other students working on our show. I often find multimedia journalists, reporters, grad teams, and others looking to the producers for assignments and advice on how something looks or sounds.

When I'm the video producer, I feel I am the most productive and efficient. I usually make a list of everything that needs to be assigned, put a check next to it when it is assigned, and cross it off when it has been approved. The days I am lead producer, I feel I do a good job leading with my fellow executive producer and producing teammates.

This week, I was the graphics producer. As the graphics teammate, creativity needs to be on the agenda. I thought about what viewers would want to see on full-screen graphics that would be appealing and also informative. When covering the state elections, we wanted graphics that were simple, eye catching, and showed the results.

To put it simply, this is not a one-person operation. The show would not air each day without a team of people willing to do the work. Each member of our team adds value and makes our ATVN newscasts unique.