Effective team work is what makes our shows so great. It is important that producers work hard to foster a positive and productive team atmosphere. After working together for several weeks, I think that my day-of-air team has learned how to successfully cooperate, but that's not to say that we don't sometimes struggle when working as a team.

I always try to be as patient and responsive as I can be to every member on my team. I've found that checking in often with the multimedia journalists (MJs), grad teams, reporters, anchors and my fellow producers allows me to understand what I can do to best help my team. Over the weeks, I've learned to keep in constant contact with everyone that I work with throughout the day so I'm never confused about what I can be doing to help out both those who need my assistance at that moment and those who will come in later in the day and could benefit from me being prepared.

This week I faced some challenges when trying to facilitate successful team work. We had several story hand offs throughout the day, and I think I could have done a better job making sure the MJ who was picking up where another left off had a full understanding of the story he or she was working on and everything that needed to be done to complete the task. A lot of these stories required extensive editing and writing, and I think it was a bit overwhelming for some of the MJs to take on such a big assignment. I could have done a better job helping the morning MJs communicate their stories and what work they had already done to the afternoon MJs to ensure smooth and efficient hand offs.

It is also essential to work with the studio crew. Since I am also a director, I make sure to communicate things as clearly as I can with the directors, because I know the work required on their end to put the show on the air. This week, I think I could have done a better job during run throughs to stay on top of what the studio crew was doing and to offer my assistance and technical knowledge to the directors. I was overwhelmed with updating the political graphics (which weren't all finished when I was in the control room watching run throughs) and rewriting the scripts to reflect the latest election results. Although getting these tasks done was a priority for me, I also should have been more attentive to the team in the control room and noticed the challenges they were facing.