Speaking about teamwork, the acclaimed basketball star, Michael Jordan, once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." In other words, one can be smart and know all of the answers. But without an ability to work with others that knowledge can only go so far.

Yesterday felt like any other Thursday in the media center; from the selection of the show's theme (gun control), to leading the morning and afternoon assignment meetings detailing all angles of the show, and even ordering all of the show's graphics and sending in all of the videos ready for air to the server, everything seemed to be flowing along smoothly.

And then, the unthinkable. A major power outage struck the entire Annenberg Media Center at 5:15 p.m. Less than an hour before we were set to go live, we had a major issue on our hands. Not only could we not see in the pitch black for at least one minute, we were not able to work on anything related to the show for at least five minutes, as all of our monitors and computers were down. This had the potential to knock out our entire show.

But instead of freezing in place due to the complete shock of everything that had just occurred, the multimedia journalists (MJs), reporters, anchors, and my fellow producers sprang into action. Reporters instantly went into the field, getting video of a dark campus center and conducting interviews with those affected by the power outage.  MJs were immediately ready to edit the breaking news video and send it into our server by air time, the art director made a "breaking news" graphic, and my fellow producers and I discussed how and when we would cover the breaking news in the show.

I would be lying if I said the show was perfect. Obviously, like any show, it had its mistakes. But what matters most is that it still went on. One former professor said it best: make air, not art. We could not have gone on with the show and reported on the breaking news had it not been for everyone springing into action. While I have learned throughout the semester that putting together a newscast is a team effort, I saw first hand on Thursday just how important each member is for the bigger picture.

As the anchors wrapped up the show with the farewell "good night," it struck me just how much we were able to pull off. Not only did the show stick with its original gun control theme, but it also successfully reported on a major breaking news event that had affected the entire campus. Looking back on our successful team effort, I have come to realize we did not just win the game yesterday, we walked away champions.