At its core, producing a successful show is all about effective team work. Everyone in the media center has a specific role that's essential to get the show on the air.  As a producer, it's your job to communicate with all these different people and make sure everyone is on the same page.

As the video producer on Monday's newscast this week, I made an effort to facilitate team work as much as possible. I checked in with my executive producer and lead producer as soon as I got in and filled them in on the best video we were receiving from CNN for national stories. A point of emphasis for me was keeping track of each task our multimedia journalists were doing at all times throughout the day. This is essential to our team work because these students produce a significant amount of our show content. We can't divide and conquer effectively if we don't know who's assigned to what. I tried to keep everyone productive during their shifts so we can get the show ready to air on time.

My producing team members have taken on more of a leadership role as we have progressed through the semester. This helps me as video producer because I know my teammates are confident enough to voice their concerns about the show. This week especially, the lead producer was comfortable telling me what video she wanted to see at the top of the show, and I communicated with the graphics producer throughout the day which led to a seamless hand off meeting at 5 p.m. When our team works improves, our show improves.