Teamwork is one of the most- if not the most- important aspects of creating a show. I believe that many of the other important factors that go into making a successful show, like communication, fall under the broad umbrella of good teamwork. In that respect, it is one of the building blocks of our newscasts. It's also a skill that takes practice, and, over the semester, I think the Wednesday ATVN team has improved significantly.

Since the start of the semester, I've improved at working with my team as I've adjusted to my role as a producer or teammate any given week. During the first weeks of our producer rotations when we were learning our roles, I often felt overwhelmed with the tasks I had to accomplish, which made helping my fellow producers with their jobs quite difficult. But now that I'm better at each producer role, I'm able to help the other producers when they're overwhelmed. For example, a few weeks ago, our graphics producer was tied up in an interview she was conducting, and she was out of the media center for a long period of time. When she got back, the graphics that she needed to request had piled up. It was getting to be a busier part of the day when I needed to be helping the multimedia journalists and reporters with their editing and writing, but I was also able to help her request the graphics. While I would have struggled to complete my own tasks and help her earlier in the semester, when this issue arose a few weeks ago, I didn't give it a second thought.

This week, we had multiple reporters working on their first packages. From experience, I know that the first day-of-air reporting shift is extremely challenging. For some of the reporters, English is their second language, making the task even more difficult. So during my producing shift, I tried to help these reporters whenever I could. I logged interviews for them, helped them cut video, and did my best to help them outline their packages.

Ultimately, an essential part of the teamwork behind each show is simply paying attention to those around you and recognizing when other people need help. All of us have been in a position where we need extra support, and creating a show demands that each of us is willing to step in when someone on the team needs it.