As producers, we should always be thinking about what we can do to foster and promote diversity in our newscasts and newsrooms. This semester has taught me a lot about being mindful. We've covered a lot of topics on our show that have required sensitivity and thought, including terrorism, sexual assault, and natural disasters. I've also learned how to be patient when working with people who are different than me, whether the difference is experience-based, cultural, or something else.

On Tuesday, we had some difficulties with one of our live shots. The connection for the Skype was a little fuzzy (the audio quality wasn't great), and we were missing critical information about the arrests at the  Milo Yiannopoulos protest at Cal State Fullerton. Although it was initially frustrating that the live shot didn't come together exactly as we had planned, the reporter also faced challenges that other reporters that I've worked with in the past have not. She is a graduate student who had never been live on camera before and English is not her first language. I know that she was nervous to go live and worked really hard to plan out her script and prepare herself for the live shot. I think that as producers, it is important that we understand where less experienced or international students like her are coming from and be empathetic to the unique struggles that they may face. It is important that we understand the specific challenges that each reporter or multimedia journalist may face and adjust how we communicate with them and work with them accordingly. I think it is important that we don't limit opportunities to people that we know. No one should be discouraged from rising to a challenge because he or she is inexperienced or comes from a different background. Fostering diversity is all about giving everyone equal opportunities to pursue success.

I hope to continue to think about how to work effectively with different people and how to be as inclusive as possible.