When it comes to the lead story of a newscast, we want to engage our viewers with the most captivating, eye catching, story. As the USC news station, we have a duty to inform the community about things happening in and around USC and our surrounding area, but also about major national and international stories.

The most important story of the day is one we want everyone talking about. This past Tuesday was Game One of the World Series, meaning the city of Los Angeles was eager for the Dodgers to finally make their first appearance since 1988. Almost everyone knew who the two final teams were, however not many people had the perspective of someone from the opposing team. The way we added to our story by interviewing students from Houston who were rooting for the Astros made our story flow better.

As the video teammate this week, I wanted to make sure we had enough video from our reporters and multimedia journalists. If the story is not too visually appealing, meaning there is not enough video or even audio, chances are I probably wouldn't pick it for a lead story. When meeting with our team in the middle of the day, feedback is always welcome and is actually encouraged. If the story doesn't seem like it belongs at the top of the show, teammates should always talk about how they used their news judgment to come to that conclusion.

A newscast is a collaborative team effort. When everyone is on board with the stories and the order of importance, the show will be at its best.