Depending on the day, it can be difficult to choose the lead story of a newscast. Several big stories can happen at any time which makes the decision even harder. It's a crucial choice since you're setting up the organization of the show and effectively telling viewers what stories they should pay the most attention to during your broadcast.  For our Thursday show, "See It Live," it's even more important as the lead story determines the entire theme of the show.

As the lead producer, I'm always thinking of immediacy and timeliness when choosing the lead story. Why is this story so pressing that our viewers need to know about it before anything else? It's important to have a today angle to keep the broadcast fresh and relevant every day. The magnitude of a story also comes into play since it's important to consider how many people are being affected by a specific event. If it's happening on campus or in the Los Angeles area, even more so.

As a teammate, I try to be as involved as possible in choosing the lead story. I'm constantly checking wires as the lead producer and looking for the elements that push a story to the top of the show. As video producer, I'll let my teammates know what video looks the best that helps tell a compelling story. I also look for ways we can expand a story as the graphics producer and what digital elements we can add that would make a specific story the lead. Regardless of my position, I'll let my teammates know what I'm thinking in terms of the lead story throughout the day. Keeping up the communication with all producers is essential to building a solid lead segment.