This November, USC's oldest student-run theatre company, Brand New Theatre (BNT), will be holding their annual One-Act Play Festival. Each fall, BNT accepts submissions from student playwrights. You don't have to be a theatre major to submit—BNT is open to anyone who has a story to tell.

With plays that are poignant and heartfelt, this season of one-acts is made up of stories that are extremely relevant to today's changing social, technological, and political climates.

Listed below is this year's selection of one-acts:

"Tull-Man" by Dan Toomey- directed by Rachael McNamara, AD: Duncan Gammie

"Perhaps one of life's most difficult lessons is learning when to let go. For Charlotte, a single teacher in her 30's, the answers to this eternal puzzle haven't always been clear – especially when caring for her aging and constantly frustrated father, Francis. However, when a new member of the family, Tolman, finds his way into their lives, Charlotte is forced to confront reality, practicality, and a suppressed desire for liberation – yet never in the way she would have expected."

"Last Night In Town" by Julia Stier– directed by Ashley Busenlener, AD: Mekhala Bijawat

"Flighty Tatiana and homebody Sirine reflect on their differing lifestyles, and what it means to be fulfilled."

"Freddy & Olive" by Zoe Cheng– directed by Corrie Burkhart, AD: Juan Duenas

"After unearthing a heartbreaking secret in his late wife's rose garden, Freddy seeks out his sister-in- law Olive for answers."

"Small Talk" by Charlie Junkins– directed by Cary Reynolds, AD: Ajay Roa

"Samar and Mike are from very different worlds. They meet on the NYC subway, and through talking and listening, get to know a stranger as something familiar."

"Two Steps Back" by Anastasia Barbato– directed by Shane Munson, AD: Gabriella Tranchina

"Jeremy, recent college graduate, tries to navigate the dating scene of his peers, aka 'hookup culture' as he re-enters the dating pool. Miscommunication ensues."

"Fruit Box" by Savannah Harrow– directed by Ali Appelbaum, AD: Stella Grimaldi

"Rose and Kayley, former lovers, are now living together and attempting to deal with the awkwardness of moving on."

"BNT One-Act Festival 2017" will be playing November 2nd -5th in the Massman Theatre. There is a suggested $5 donation at the door. For updates on tickets and shows, visit