Time management is so crucial when producing a newscast. The work done ahead of time, like finding solid story and package ideas, can really make the day run more smoothly.

When staring my first production shift, I was lead producer and was not ready for all the challenges I would face throughout the day. After week two, I set two goals for myself: learn how to time the newscast better and find story ideas ahead of time that are unique.

Timing the newscast is something I would say I have gotten much better at doing as the weeks have progressed, but it is still not at the level I would like it to be at. I have also taken initiative to read more about what is going on at USC and in our surrounding neighborhood to try to come up with story ideas that are relevant to our student audience.

In the professional world, time management is a skill everyone needs to have. As a producer, learning how to manage your time just becomes part of your daily routine. Life at USC, specifically Annenberg, has taught me that students will have many commitments with the same amount of importance.

Knowing how to divide up your time is beyond important for success. Now that I have learned how to do this with almost everything in my school, personal, and professional life, I hope to learn how to fully manage my time as a producer for ATVN.