Professionally, I am interested in working as a comedy writer in late night television. In the journalism curriculum, I've seen a lot of overlap in the types of skills that go into writing and producing a daily broadcast and the skills that go into comedy writing and satirical news production. These skills range from staying well-informed on current events to understanding how to put together an out-of-studio package.

As a producer, I would particularly like to focus on meeting deadlines and making sure that our Monday team meets those deadlines. In both a comedy television and a news environment, deadlines are crucial to making sure that every aspect of the show makes it to the viewers at home. I would like to foster an environment in which our Monday team can get their pieces in on time by following up with multimedia journalists and reporters on their stories, and helping team members who need more time.

Similar to our broadcast environment, when breaking news happens on the day of air for late night shows, writers have to work quickly to rewrite the show to address breaking issues. I would like to practice that skill by staying level-headed and focused during breaking news situations, as well as encouraging and helping reporters, multimedia journalists and other members of my team to get their work done on time, so that we have the flexibility to address breaking news as it happens.