Now that I'm halfway through a semester of producing for ATVN, it is a good time to look back on the work that I've done so far and reflect on where I would like to see myself by December. After rotating through each producing position at least once (some several times), I'm comfortable with the role and responsibilities of the positions and the process of producing ATVN newscasts.

My goal is to take more initiative. I would like to push myself to improve both the content and quality of the shows I produce. When I am lead producer, I feel very confident building a rundown, and I know that I can take all of the stories that my team pitches in the morning meeting and format them to create a rundown that will get on air. However, I think I need to push myself to be more creative and thoughtful. For example, on Tuesday, I started the day by formatting all of the stories in the rundown relatively quickly.  It is easy for me to go through the motions of this process. In the future, I would like to put it upon myself to think of different ways to do things, such as having the anchors at a different place in the studio or Media Center, or presenting the information with unique elements, like a specially designed graphic or a live guest. I should be able to do this in the future, especially because I have directing experience and have worked on many different shows in the past (i.e. The Buzz, political debate coverage, election night, The Current,  See It Live). I would like to be able to pull from my past experiences and develop new creative ideas for ATVN. I also think I could be more innovative in my package pitches and find more unique angles. This week, I struggled to find stories that I thought merited a whole package, and I ended up relying on the local news service, CNS, to find events to cover. I want to work to make my pitches more purposeful and compelling.

I also think I need to learn how to take more initiative in my leadership skills as a producer. I find myself feeling frustrated or lost from time to time because I don't always know what each person on my team is doing and what elements are available for each story. I need to go above and beyond simply completing the daily tasks for my producing role and take it upon myself to check in more often with the multimedia journalists, graduate students, reporters, and producers so I can help those who need it and be more aware of what my role is in making the show come together. I had thought my communication with other team members and understanding of the elements in the show were fine on Tuesday until the late afternoon when I realized I had not had a status update from some people for several hours. Therefore, I did not really know what was going on, and it made my job more difficult, especially because I didn't know what elements we had gathered for each story. I would like to take more initiative in being involved with my team, so I know everything that is going on throughout the day and so that I can make myself even more available to help out.