A key goal that I set for myself each time I produce is to stay organized throughout the day. Whether I'm the lead producer, the video producer, or the graphics producer, this skill has proven to be one of the most important in producing a smooth and successful newscast.

After a day of producing, I always think over the day and consider what I could have done differently, and what I should do the next week, in order to stay as organized as possible. As a producer, staying organized consists of maintaining many lists: lists of the elements that reporters are gathering in the field, lists of the graphics and videos that need to be ordered, lists of which multimedia journalists are working on which videos and their status on each, and so on. I've found that organizing the show by these lists is the most effective way for me to compartmentalize all of the show's moving parts throughout the day.

While I get better at effectively organizing all of the show's elements each week, I believe that, for me, organization is one of the things that I need to work on the most, especially since there is arguably always room for improvement in this area. I'm a person who tends to try to remember details without a concrete method of recording information, and, as I've been learning as a producer, this tendency is not beneficial to me.

As I prepare to go to law school, and eventually start a career as a lawyer, I believe that the organizational methods I learn each week during my producing shift will enhance my ability to be a strong law school student and, hopefully, a more effective lawyer.

Studying the law obviously demands that one is detail oriented to a high degree. I think that working as a producer is helping me form habits that facilitate my ability to synthesize and organize information effectively. It is my hope that the habits I am forming now will become instinctive and help to strengthen my foundation as a future law school student.