I think the best skill that I can learn through my producing work is to learn to be assertive and be a leader in various roles. I’m comfortable as a leader when it comes to roles and topics that I’m confident in working in, like sports. When it comes to my work as sports director, I know how to lead and it’s easy for me to take charge. I know that sports is my niche and I have full confidence in making decisions and directing anchors, correspondents, and reporters to complete various tasks. For example, when a reporter comes to me asking about how he or she can format a video, I have no hesitation in guiding them how they should go about creating the element for the show.
With news producing, I don’t feel as confident in my ability to take the lead. I’m completely comfortable with being a doer and following the lead of others, like my executive producer (EP), who have a better grasp of the world of news. For example, I always find myself double checking ideas and questions with the EP and lead producer, when I’m not in that role, to make sure the guidance I am giving a reporter is on the right track.
For the rest of the semester, it is my goal to feel comfortable and confident enough to naturally take on more of a leadership role in the various producing roles. I know that I have the knowledge and experience to take on this role, but I struggle with fully trusting my ability as working in news isn’t necessarily my comfort zone. Inherently, this will challenge me to be more confident in my abilities overall. This is something that will benefit whatever I end up doing after I graduate USC. I know that I struggle with self-confidence in certain areas of my life and I think that making an active effort to grow in my self-confidence through my role as a producer will only result in benefitting my overall life and well-being.