One of my producer goals for this semester is to be more creative with different shot types and locations to better complement stories and transitions throughout the newscast. For example, I want to understand when it's best to use a double-box graphic, or when to lead into a story from the video wall or video monitor, or when to use a live shot. In order to better visualize these various shots and technical decisions throughout the broadcast, however, I know that I first need to learn to put myself in the shoes of the director. In essence, by better understanding the director's role and perspective during the newscast, I believe this will carry over to improving my production skills and benefiting my team as a whole.

Focusing on shot types and story transitions isn't necessarily a skill that will carry over into a professional setting beyond a newsroom. However, I believe that making a point to better understand the roles of my teammates and coworkers is extremely important in any work environment.  Furthermore, learning what makes one of my teammates' jobs easier or more difficult can affect the quality of his or her work. Therefore, if I can complement my teammates' jobs through the process of better understanding their roles, my efforts will benefit the team as a whole.