In my first week working as the digital and graphics producer, communicating with my fellow producers and reporters was a struggle. Right from the start of the day, I already felt out of the loop attending the community pitch meeting rather than the broadcast meeting. Additionally, most of my attention was focused on producing a Facebook digital video, which explained Los Angeles' efforts to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. As a result of producing my digital video for the majority of the day, I felt largely uninvolved with the production of most of stories in the show's rundown.

However, in the process of producing my digital video, I made an extra effort to communicate with both Sofia, our anchor, and Kim, our lead producer. For instance, I helped Sofia arrange an interview for her package with Jacob Broussard, who is the president of the Native American Student Union at USC. Since I relied on Sofia's reporting for my digital video, I was glad to help Sofia by providing her with sources to interview. Also, when Kim was in class in the morning, I arranged for Broussard and one other member of the Native American Student Union to come in as live guests for the show. Therefore, while I wasn't totally working hands-on with all of the stories in the show's rundown, I felt that I was able to contribute to the newscast as a whole by easing Kim and Sofia's workloads as well as enhancing our coverage of the Indigenous Peoples' Day story.