As the video producer this week, I focused on communicating with multimedia journalists (MJs) the most. During my time at ATVN, I've learned how important it is to keep MJs on task and in the loop throughout their shifts. It can make all the difference in that final hour before the show when the entire newsroom is scrambling to ensure we make air.

I especially made an effort to communicate with Ethan Podell, an afternoon MJ who has a lot of experience editing. He does a great job editing videos, but I noticed he was either unaware or forgot to put times in the scripts after finishing his stories. I didn't want to do it for him so he could learn, so I sat down and explained to him the work isn't done once you send the video to our server. We need the runs time, the outcue, the total running time (TRT), and lower third names (CGs) in the script to time the show. Once I showed him what to do, he caught on quickly and was able to put everything in each script correctly. This made a big difference in the newscast because it saved a lot of time and made the whole process of cutting video for the newscast more efficient. Because Ethan learned what was expected after he edited a video, I didn't have to go and do his work for him. It allowed me to focus on other tasks and make sure all the videos were sent to the server before the 6 p.m. newscast began.