Now that I've rotated through each producer position, I've found that communication as lead producer is the most difficult for me. Because of the number of things there are to keep track of, on top of the work of reporters and multimedia journalists (MJs), it can be an overwhelming position in terms of communication.

This week, I felt that I was doing a better job of communicating with the graduate student teams about the elements they were gathering and the contents of the interviews they got. I spent a significant amount of time working with a particular graduate student because she was dealing with several different interview subjects and needed to gather a variety of elements that she couldn't shoot herself, making her story somewhat difficult.

Because of the number of times I spoke to her, along with an understanding of the content of each interview after it was conducted, I thought that I had a firm understanding of the form her story should take. However, when I was asked questions about the story, I was unable to answer some of them, and I had to approach her for the answers.

Overall, this week as lead producer I think I did a better job of keeping up with the reporters and communicating with them about what kind of interviews they were getting and what was being said in those interviews. That said, I also learned that I wasn't asking all the right questions, and I still need to be more thorough in my discussions with reporters so that I have a complete understanding of each story and can stay organized.

Ultimately, by not knowing the ins and outs of this graduate student's story, there was a bit of confusion midway through the day that could have been avoided had I been more meticulous about my questions for her. While the story went well in the show, it certainly would have been beneficial to avoid the temporary uncertainty that came with not having a comprehensive grasp of all of the elements.