"Ball in the Family" premiered on August 28. Viewers can catch up with the reality show on Facebook Watch. (Facebook: @ballinthefamily)

'The Ball In The Family" is one of the many original shows rolled out on Facebook Watch in late August. Not aware of what Facebook Watch is? It's a new platform where you can view exclusive short-form television sows. It's worth checking out, and fit for those not ready to commit more than 20-30 minutes in one sitting.

This coming-of-age reality show doesn't cut the awkward moments in the UCLA-bonded family known as Big Baller Brand. Besides being "real" as some of the fans quickly noticed, the show is super funny and gives viewers a lot of feels. In just four episodes, we already see that there are as many fails as successes in developing this dynamic family brand.

The show pretty much centers around Lonzo Ball and his decision to declare for the NBA Draft shortly after his UCLA-basketball career. What seems to be a smooth-sailing success story for Lonzo, is only the start of his wild adventure. Now he needs to live up to all the hype while keeping everything in his personal life together.­­­­­

Lonzo Ball (Instagram: @zo)
Lonzo Ball (Instagram: @zo)

Fame at a young age, photoshoots and an ambitious future – Lonzo's anxiety should be through the roof, but somehow he is balancing it all. Even as his mom, Tina, suffers from a massive stroke that prevents her from being there in person for the Draft day, Lonzo Ball pushes through.

The show highlights some of the sweet perks of Lonzo Ball's lifestyle: a ginormous ocean-view apartment, a personal chef and dining at expensive restaurants just to name a few. Fancy, right? Especially for someone who's used to "streets." But the hard parts about being Lonzo Ball include relationship drama with his girlfriend Denise and struggling to maintain his status in the league.

LiAngelo "Gelo" Ball is the middle brother a.k.a the "fashionable, sexy guy" according to the show. That's fair because there always should be at least one good-looking brother. Gelo is basically the next brother to join the NBA. Even though Lonzo is usually the one who gets most of attention on the show, Gelo deserves to be in spotlight. He has the skills and talent to brag about, but he seems to be more quiet on the show.

The baby brother of the family is LaMelo Ball. He's the one with "the most skill," according to his father, but he doesn't have the maturity yet. His bold ego only adds to his childish attitude. Melo finds it hard to watch his mouth, which makes others responsible for protecting the Big Baller brand and fixing his mistakes.

Finally, the mastermind behind the Big Baller empire is a proud father LaVar Ball. He has a bad rep for being "too out there", but deep down he just wants to see his family thrive. He maps out the specific path for each son while taking care of his sick wife Tina. In the show, LaVar knows best- so that means no therapists coming in to help with Tina. Speech therapies, rehab – he's doing all this for her, putting love first.

Melo Ball, Gelo Ball, Lonzo Ball, and LaVar Ball (Instagram: @melo)
Melo Ball, Gelo Ball, Lonzo Ball, and LaVar Ball (Instagram: @melo)

The Ball family has such a unique chemistry – unlike anything else we've seen from other reality TV-families. There is no forcing their realness, and like LaVar Ball already warned the media, don't compare them to the Kardashian Family.

What works about "Ball in the Family" is that we get to see the family dynamics in all types of situations, driven by LaVar's energy. He's the man with the plan, expecting all his sons to be NBA stars. It's a lot of pressure which doesn't help Lonzo to do well in his debut as a Los Angeles Laker. "Losing sucks," says LaVar who doesn't care about stats – it's just win or lose. Measuring success by victories only creates more frustration for Lonzo.

The show's first four episodes lets on that there will be way more conflict because, after all, what is a reality show, or a family, without drama? If we know anything about LaVar and his family, we should expect their new reality show to be un-BALL-ievable!

Tune in on Facebook Watch to see the Ball family in action.